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The agony of choice - what's the best for me?

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If you suffer from symptoms of illness, belong to a risk group or prefer to stay at home, I offer advice over the phone or via Skype.


Enjoy some ice cream, a fresh salad or even take a bite of a delicious steak? Counting calories is “out”, enjoying and savoring food is “in”. A healthy diet and conscious nutrition does not forbid, but instead shows how so-called “unhealthy” food can be incorporated in a balanced and healthy diet.

The right diet – regardless of age – can contribute substantially to a healthy and positive constitution of body and soul.

Following a healthy and conscious diet is difficult in today’s life. I would be glad to help you achieve your diet goals and change your eating habits.

As official member of the swiss nutrionist organization SVDE I guarantee a profound knowledge and continuing education. The usage of the logo is limited to members of the SVDE and is a quality assurance label.svde label d rgb The diploma "BSc Ernährung & Diätetik BFH" requires several years of intensive training. It is widely accepted among health insurances and doctors and counseling can be covered by the general health insurances.

In my medical practice “Ernährungsberatung Plus" (Nutrition Plus) you will receive more than regular nutrition guidance. My advice is tailored to your individual needs and considers your very own personal habits, strengths and abilities. Together we will find the ideal approach for you and your healthy eating. Each individual person is at the very core of my counseling.


Any questions on a balanced and healthy diet?

Sports & Healthy Eating

Are you an athlete and would you like to know how to positively affect your performance with the right nutrition and a balanced diet?
Are you preparing for a sports event or competition and would like to know how to best adjust your diet during this period? Or do you have questions regarding food supplements?

I am offering counseling for your general training and workout, the immediate preparation phase (such as Carbo-Loading) as well as during the competition and in the regeneration phase after your workout or in-between events.
I would be glad to compose an individual and personal diet plan for you.

Nutrition and Sickness/Illness

Would you like to know what the appropriate diet is during an illness?
Are you struggling with a high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure or high blood sugar, malnutrition (such as a lack of vitamin D or iron deficiency), articular gout or elevated concentrations of uric acid?
Are you suffering from diarrhea or constipation?
Did you have surgery on your digestive system or would like to regain your energy and quality of life as prior to the procedure?

I can help you in a professional manner and advise on your nutritional questions.

Nutrition and Over-/underweight

Would you like to lose weight and have previously tried numerous diets without sustainable success?
Is your weight below the norm and are you struggling to gain weight, regardless of a plentiful diet?
Have you (or someone close to you) unwillingly lost weight and are you struggling to regain it?

I’m offering a professional assessment of your situation, expert advice and will help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition and Allergies or Food Intolerance

Are certain food products indigestible for you or do you have a food allergy?
Are you suffering from flatulence and/or diarrhea after meals? Do you encounter headaches after your meals?
Food allergies or food intolerance can be the cause for digestive problems.

I’ m offering a professional assessment of your individual situation and advice on food allergies and food intolerances.
Do you know FODMAP? I’m able to help with FODMAP.

Healthy Eating

during everyday life:
Would you like to know how to eat healthy and needs appropriate?
Do you enjoy cooking and would like to combine it with healthy eating?
Do you need new ideas and inspiration for your regular diet?
Do you follow a busy work schedule and would like to know how to incorporate healthy eating in everyday life?

during various periods of life:

Are you pregnant or would you like to feed your baby and yourself in a healthy and well-balanced way that serves your needs?
Do you have questions on nutrition and healthy eating during your nursing period?
Would you like to know how to provide a healthy and balanced diet for you and your children?
Would you like to optimize your diet during menopause?

Or would you like to know how elderly people could have a balanced and healthy diet?

I would gladly assist you on your goals and answer your questions.

Vegetarian and Vegan Eating

Would you like to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, while eating balanced and multi-faceted meals?

Gladly, I’ll offer my personal counseling for all your questions and on various aspects considering a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Healthy Eating in Companies

Would you like to help your employees to develop a healthy lifestyle?
“Nutrition Plus” offers an accompanying program for companies. You can find more information under the section “Offering”.

Healthy eating and the right nutrition are crucial for everyday work life.

Continuous rising pressure to perform and increasing stress put a strain on the body’s physical condition and personal energy levels.
A well-balanced diet offers a valuable assistance to achieve a higher quality of living and improve performance as well as motivation for everyday work life.

Nutrition and Nursing Homes

Are you active in a nursing or retirement home or any similar institution?
Do you help people in their everyday life and would like to offer a healthy and well-balanced menu or diet, tailored to their needs?

It would be my pleasure to help you review and optimize your offering, introduce new diets and food products, educate your staff and advise on-site.

Nutrition and Care Facilities for Children

You work in a care facility for children and know how important healthy eating and a well-balanced diet for children are.
Also vegetables can be tasty if prepared and displayed in the right way.
"Ernährungsberatung Plus" and its offering can help you convey this message.

I help develop healthy diets and menus for children, which are packaged in a fun way and encourage children to enjoy a well-balanced menu.


Ernährungsberatung Plus
Ursula Zehnder
BSc Ernährung & Diätetik BFH
Gubelstrasse 17, 6300 Zug
Tel. 041 761 32 74
Fax 041 761 32 75
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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